Trojan Knights Alumni, also known as AlumKnights, have gone on to great things. Meet some of them below!


Rod Dedeaux, Class of 1935

Winningest college baseball coach of all time, 11 titles.

Dean Heller, Class of 1985

Nevada Senator.

John Wayne

"The Duke"

Fred Ryan, Class of 1980

Post Chief of Staff to Ronald Reagan. President and CEO of,

Jack Lindquist, Class of 1950

Former President of Disneyland and Disney legend.

Donald H. Segretti, Class of 1963

Richard Nixon Re-election Campaign.

Dwight Chapin, Class of 1964

Nixon Presidential Appointment Secretary.

Rick J Caruso, Class of 1980

President & CEO of Caruso Affiliated. USC Board of Trustees Member

Tom Selleck, Class of 1967


Taylor Hackford, Class of 1968

President of the Directors Guild of America.

Jeffrey H Smulyan, Class of 1972

Founder & CEO of Emmis Communications.

Richard Debeikes Jr., Class of 1978

Founder & President of Debeikes Investment Co.