Join the Trojan Knights

Since our establishment in 1921, the Knights have held an iconic position at USC, representing the dedication to university tradition and spirit that binds together the Trojan Family. Founded on our three pillars of Brotherhood, Philanthropy, and Spirit, the Trojan Knights are a service and spirit organization unique to USC. As the guardians of tradition and official hosts of the university, the Trojan Knights aim to promote spirit throughout campus and to create a positive impact on the surrounding community through philanthropic work.

Membership in the Knights is awarded only to those who show the utmost dedication to the traditions and values held by the university. Individuals who complete their New Member Candidate semester and become Knights create the opportunity for a rewarding, memorable, and exciting college experience. Whether standing on the Coliseum sideline ringing the Victory Bell, body painting in the front rows of the student section, camping out protecting Tommy Trojan before the UCLA football game, leading rallies and student functions for the football team, gaining access to the best basketball seats, or knowing more about your university, its history, and its storied traditions than any other person on campus, a Trojan Knight lives and breathes USC. Becoming a Trojan Knight brings you closer to your university, closer to your college experience, and closer to embodying the Ideal Aspects of a Trojan.

We invite you to learn what it takes to become a Trojan Knight. Contact our recruitment chair and commit to making USC a better place today.


Spring 2018 Recruitment Schedule

  • 1/22 - Billiards
    6pm - Meet at EVK Turnout
  • 1/23 - Broomball
    8:15pm - Meet at EVK Turnout
  • 1/24 - BBQ & Tailgate
    4pm - Meet at 2827 Menlo
  • 1/24 - Online Applications due to by 11:59pm 
  • 1/25 - Interviews
    By Invitation Only

Contact our Rush Chair, Alex Waggoner:

Knights And Greeks

The Trojan Knights constitute a brotherhood similar to the fraternities of the Greek community of USC. We focus on fraternal values along with a new member candidate semester and social events, but we emphasize our commitment to spirit, traditions, and philanthropy in a different way. While a candidate for a Greek organization you may say you are “pledging” a fraternity, as a Knights candidate, you are “pledging” USC.

Becoming a Trojan Knight in no way restricts your ability to be a member of a fraternity. Many Knights are members of Greek organizations as well. Both provide their own unique benefits.

The Knights recruit both in the fall and spring, however our recruitment process is separate from that of Greek Rush.

Joining Trojan Knights

By learning University Traditions, becoming familiar with University officials and procedures, and taking part in on-campus philanthropy and spirit events, New Members to Knights will quickly find a deeper appreciation for their USC experience.

Additionally, New Members are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their brother Knights.

Achieving these objectives can be time consuming! Trojan Knights, like any other extracurricular activity, should be taken on only by those able to commit their time and energy.

New Member Candidate Class Photos