The Trojan Knights take pride in being the most passionate and dedicated Trojan fans around. Prior to every home football game, the Trojan Knights, along with our sister-organization, the USC Helenes, as well as with Trojan Pride, help distribute pom-poms and rally towels in the student section. For our hard work and commitment to the football program, we are reserved the first 2 rows of seats at home games. This privilege has gained us much recognition throughout the country, as our body painting regularly is featured on national television. We can also be seen on the sidelines ringing the Victory Bell during big plays. We also assist with student section card stunts during halftime.

The Trojan Knights can be found supporting every Trojan team. We often body paint and hold up signs for basketball and volleyball games. Each year, numerous Knights travel with the basketball team for the PAC-12 tournament in Las Vegas.

As Official Hosts and Guardians of Tradition, the Trojan Knights also have the honor of escorting the Victory Bell to official Administrative and Athletics events. In the rivalry week prior to the USC vs. UCLA football game, you will find us camping out in front of Tommy Trojan, 24 hours a day, protecting him from the Bruins. The Trojan Knights were also the caretakers of Tirebiter when he was the university's unofficial mascot, and were instrumental in bringing Traveler to USC.